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' ... try to remember : remember the great event when you breathed
out and created this entire kosmos ; remember the great emptying
when you threw yourself out as the entire  World, just to see what
would happen. Remember the forms and forces through which you
have traveled thus far : from galaxies to planets, to verdant plants
reaching upward for the sun, to animals stalking day and night,
restless with their weary search, through primal men and women,
yearning for the light. ...remember who and what you have been,what
you have done, what you have seen, who you actually are in all those
guises the masks of the God and Goddess, the masks of your Original
Let the great search wind down ; let the self-contraction uncoil
in the immediateness of present awareness ; let the entire Kosmos
rush into your being, since you are its very ground ; and then you will
remember that the Atman project never occurred, and you have never
moved, and it is all exactly as it should be, when the robin sings on a
glorious morning, and rain drops beat on the temple roof '.

 Ken Wilber, "The Atman Project", A Transpersonal View of Human Development, 1996

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