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Exponential growth. That is the way of life we are adapted to. An infinite way of living on a finite planet. A way that is like a fast runaway train, heading towards a buffered terminal, waiting to stop us.
Mother earth will react appropriately and if it means species, including our own, being excluded from her biosphere, while  change takes place, it will surely happen.
I ask the question - why bother ? It seems  to me that there are basically two solutions. One is not to bother since all the pussyfooting measures in the world that are proposed will not stop what will be a catastrophe  for the human organism, that quite literally is locked into a global life - style that it will not or cannot change.
The second solution would be to try tackling this massive problem by treating it as a global emergency, not just a problem that can be dealt with over the passing years. This would mean setting up a global body with legislative powers to oversee world wide emergency measures. Measures such as were introduced during WW II and its aftermath, only on a much larger scale and more comprehensively,
with the power of national and international law enforcement to back it up. All this, not to win a war against our own kind but to prevent our partial or complete extinction- more than enough justification ?
An example might be, reducing fuel usage on movement and transportation of people. Reducing the personal use of fuel to effect a massive reduction in oil burning globally with criteria departments to set up  fuel allowances for emergency and essential use, including freight. Personal use to be rationed.
All aircraft removed from the skies except those that fall under similar criteria. Introduce cleaning technologies on oil burning for heating etc. Such measures would begin to deal seriously with the problem, if started now, bearing in mind that this is only aspect of this massive problem. Heaven help a lot of us if the conveyor of the gulf stream in the Atlantic switches off, due to the continuous fresh water of polar ice melt. All such initial measures a tall order, you might think. Impossible- I hear you say. I would agree with you but if we are to try, we must do it now.
If the climate change predicted,  which we are now witnessing, is in fact a natural cycle, then we would be in even bigger trouble, for if it is caused by man's activities during a century, drastic measures such as indicated might give the earth the sensitivity to pick up on our feeble attempts to stop poisoning her, where she could readjust within another century in our favour, though with millions of us, still excluded  from terrestrial living during the interim.
For those of us who have an awareness or vision of trans temporal reality it might not seem such a problem. The world has a vast amount of human beings and life in many parts of the world can be a hellish nightmare. A kind of hell that never existed in the past. In theory, at least, if global population was drastically reduced we could be sure that mother earth would recover. Take hope in this not to confuse life with the forms she takes-creative transformation is the insight. Life by definition is a continuum. If it were not  so it would not be life.



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