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The principle of forgetfulness seems  to come with us  through  our
conception. We seem to be born into hell but are  ignorant of it as we are
ignorant  from whence we came. A kind of unconsciousness seems
to be the lot of the initial infant consciousness. If I understand it
correctly, Ken Wilber and other sages  have said that the ascent,
if you will, of consciousness, is the inner development of awareness
in  transcendent terms, from the cradle. States of consciousness are
really  realms of consciousness leading to the subtle and causal realms
of  Wilbers for example. It is in these higher realms that one might
encounter ones own archetype- ones original being that arises out of
the one divine reality and to which it dissolves back into. It is seen
at this level that the one is the only real existence and that all else
is  subject to the causal spirit. This awareness of the unity principle
is  an experiential  discovery by man, down the deep spiritual paths
of the ages.  It goes without saying that parallel  to this nondual
vision of life is the dualistic vision , if it can be called a vision,
and therein lies most of the world's confusion. ' To be is to quarrel '
says Alan Watts, or all man's confusion is a  case of  ' mistaken
identity, says Douglas harding.
The answer to the question 'what am I' is  'what everything else is'
and what everything else is, is the work of the causal spirit


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