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I am an abstract artist in acrylic painting / mixed media and photography [some printmaking] trying constantly to find my way out of stuck mode with the struggle to paint and create more productively. I have always been interested in all things relating to art which life somehow takes away from us so this is a place for me to show my work. My inspirations come from texture, shape and colour, the human form, marks in the landscape and aerial views.

I love all Art and my passion, if that is what it can be called, is Contemporary Abstract Expressionism.  I am also inspired (in visual terms ) by the writings and philosophical works of Alan Watts (1915-1973) who developed a non-dualistic vision of the world and the divine.  Other writers, sages and seers of interest to me are: Ramana Maharshi, Ken Wilber, Osho, Douglas Harding and their contemporaries. I do not make any attempt to create realistic images and so my pictures come from meditations, dreams, my subconscious and inspirations.

I live in a village in rural Southern England with my husband [poet]and small dog . My new cabin studio is evolving in the garden.[oct.07]


Art Interests
Acrylic / Oil Painting, Collage, Printmaking, Photography,Visiting Exhibitions, Drawing, Art History,
Veganism, Aromatherapy, Reading,  Non-Duality, Spirituality, Zen, Meditation, am mum to hubby and dog and I practice Reiki.
Antonio Tapies, Rothko, Barnet Newman, Richard Diebenkorn, Howard Hodgkin,    Tim Seaward, John Emanuel




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